Why choose outdoor in Bloem

It’s unavoidable

Unlike other media, Outdoor advertising can’t be switched off, thrown away or avoided.

It’s innovative

Continual investment in innovation has made Outdoor a constantly evolving medium, offering new and exciting ways to engage audiences.

It’s complementary

Outdoor advertising works well with other media. It can form part of a broad media campaign to extend audience engagement and campaign reach.

It’s consumer friendly

outdoor advertising fits in with consumers’ lives. It’s a non-intrusive medium that catches audiences when they’re open to a welcome distraction, such as during mundane journeys.

It’s interactive

Developments in technology have made Outdoor advertising an ideal platform for interactivity. This creates deeper engagement with audiences and provides advertisers with a new direct marketing channel.

It’s broadcast

Outdoor advertising delivers rapid brand awareness for advertisers in a cost effective way.

It’s diverse

Outdoor advertising reaches a diverse audience through a range of different formats & environments.



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