Fact is, outdoor advertising works


With the constant focus on digital media, have we forgotten old advertising techniques? You may think outdoor advertising is becoming obsolete, but is it possible you don’t even notice when billboards and sidewalk chalk are persuading you? Outdoor advertising is alive and well, and it can still help your business.

People spend an awful lot of time in their vehicles, particularly those who commute to school or work every day. These drivers may not even notice how often their minds turn to a certain store, restaurant, product, or service by simply seeing a billboard on their way. In fact, a large number of these people are making shopping decisions right in their cars. It’s not surprising that these same consumers often stop to make purchases on their way home. Who doesn’t? Some of their purchases may be impulse buys, others may be something they’ve been eying all week. Either way, a billboard can only increase your chances of being part of the sales.

Billboards are still an enormous asset to the advertising market. There is simply no way to escape a billboard. You have to look. You consume the information before you even realize it. Particularly when targeting consumers who drive the same way each day, these advertising tools can be persuasive with very little money and effort spent. They will begin to notice when a new billboard goes up, when a funny or impactful image is portrayed, or the brand name or company that is displayed. Even better, new technology is making outdoor advertising a whole lot less dated, using digital screens, able to display new, scrolling, or varied signs every single day. Billboards also happen to be permanent fixtures, meaning they receive constant exposure.

Outdoor advertising doesn’t stop there. It can actually be considered part of a number of different advertising techniques. In the city, sidewalk signs can often be seen, painted brightly or written in chalk outside small businesses. We know from the internet that the messages on these boards can draw people in, so much so that people often take photos and share them on social media. They range from hilarious to intriguing and do well at interesting passersby. Perhaps, someone often walks by the same restaurant on his or her lunch break. These signs may entice the person to finally stop in one day. If you own a small city business, outdoor advertising can be a very useful tool. Some areas even allow local businesses to decorate the sidewalk with products or themed items to draw customers in.
The bottom line is always this: even traditional methods still hold value when it comes to marketing. Reach customers any way you can, especially with techniques like outdoor advertising, which won’t likely break the bank.Central Outdoor Branding ad3