Street Pole Advertising in Bloemfontein

Artwork Specifications and tips:


– The lettering height must be a minimum of 70mm. (This includes all lettering – capitals and small lettering)

– No traffic signs are allowed (nor artwork resembling traffic signs.)



– Use only bold and thick font types.

– Use the maximum lettering size that the artwork space will allow for (i.e. don’t leave blank spaces on either side or on top and bottom of advert). Use alle negative space.

– Keep main message text in the same font and same size; a good example is a banner headline for the newspapers.

– Leave adequate letter and word spacing to improve legibility (avoid letters touching).



– Campaigns using 3 or 5 consecutive boards should be consistent and communicate as a unit.



– Simple single-minded messages work best.

– Don’t use more than 8 words per advertising sign (rather spread your content over two or three consecutive advertising signs).



– High contrasting colours work well, especially when contrasting foreground and background.

– Colours that work well together on artwork include dark colours and white; red and white; and yellow and black.

-The simpler the background the more legible the ad. Complex visuals with dark shades are not legible from a distance.


Feel free to contact us if you would like to make your business visible on street poles:

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